Hello, we are the Mangrove!

We believe in the future, so we decided to (re)invent it.

We understand that different minds is the key to innovation and we bring it into the home and apply it to everything we develop.

Who we are

We are a company driven by the challenges of the present, but connected to the future. We develop technological solutions and believe that business innovation, is essential for success in the relationship between brands and people.

Mangrove is a transition ecosystem between terrestrial and marine biomes, characteristic of tropical and subtropical regions. In Recife - PE / Brazil, the host city of our institution, this typical vegetation inspired us. We chose this name to represent our company, as we understand the tides and constant movements of the market, we bring your company from physical to digital and we take your business into the future.

We operate in the market since 2013 and collect achievements that impacted more than 780 companies in 11 states in the country. We use the latest agile methodologies in the market, in the development areas (lean, UX, scrum, kanban, quality tests, design thinking, service design, among others). Over these years, we have already changed the reality of small and large business, generate solutions and achieved a perfect connection between challenges and excellent results.


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Mangue team

Quem faz a mangue

In this mangrove, the meeting of the waters resulted in an incredible team of professionals. We have development teams, designers, writing and management always attentive to the news of the digital market.
Oh, and the best: all in a perfect connection!

Here at Mangrove, we believe in commitment and complementing ideas, so our team of professionals is quite diverse. The people who collaborate in the execution of our tasks, are in various parts of the country, with different backgrounds of life, where the individual complements the collective, balancing our ecosystem.

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